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Luccid x Sustainability

 The more we dug into the impacts the fashion industry has on the environment the more we needed to change.

There are solutions and alternatives to minimise the impact so we have taken steps to do our bit. We can all make a positive impact now, and while it costs more, we feel like it's right.

That's why our products are manufactured from sustainable sources that use minimal waste and have less impact on the environment.

Here's what we're doing:

Organically farmed materials

We will only use organically made cotton in our items - we know that the use of carcinogenic chemicals to grow non-organic plants damages the environment and cause serious illness – so using organic is a win-win for you and our environment.

- Better for your skin (no toxic chemicals in the garments)
- No use of pesticides / herbicides / fungicides - which improve the quality of the land, no water contamination, conserve biodiversity and protect our health
- Water to feed the plants is most likely to be sourced from rainfall, as oppose to surface or groundwater irrigation.
- Organic growers use a combination of traditional and modern scientific practices to grow crops in a way that protects natural resources

It's estimated that every year the average consumer throws out 32kg of clothing. And clothing companies are packaging their products in too much wasteful plastic that cannot be recycling. So out clothing only comes wrapped in a clear plastic bag that can then be recycling, the shipping packaging we use is 100% recyclable as well. Let's all do our bit to recycle.